much love: photography

i just had my first week employed as a professional photographer.  i’m working for a large studio in vancouver–in a turn of coincidence, one of my friends’ grandpas started the business nearly 100 years ago!

when i was younger, i was really into written arts, and i guess you could say i still am (see: this blog).  but when i was quite young, i fell in love with poetry, prose, all that wordy stuff.  about ten years ago, it began to shift and now i’m really into visual arts.  the rise in my love for photography is in line with this, and i didn’t quite realise how much i enjoyed it until i started getting paid to do it.   the style of photography at this studio is very formal and constrained, so i don’t get to utilise my creative talents in the same way i did as a florist, but it feels so good to talk to my coworkers about our various photo-passions.  to have a camera in my hand all day.  to learn how to set up lighting and practice directing.

you should check this album on my flickr: it has some of my favourite photos i’ve ever taken.



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