the orchids (belated tunesday)

i  really and truly thought it was tuesday, and was about to post this only to realise i’m less than an hour away from thursday…well, who cares anyway


a couple months ago i loaded my new computer with contents of an old hard drive back up, including music, and found beautiful stuff i’d forgotten about (how does that even happen) and now i’m swooning again to califone



one of my favourite concerts of all time was seeing califone with iron & wine in san diego, 2007.  oh goodness.  i was in heaven.


tunesday – what i wouldn’t do

okay, sorry about the radio silence–first i was in california, and then a whirlwind after i got home, and then and then and then…


but here’s something small, a little musical offering. i’m so in love with this song right now! it’s dancey and wonderful and reminds me of my friend chris chan  (he got a crush on serena ryder like 10 years ago because he knows everything about the canadian indie music scene and it was cute then and it’s still cute now).   on top of that,  i’m in a lovespace and so lovey music makes me happy! your love is like an ocean indeed.




two year vanniversary!

on may 2, 2011, i woke up happy in my brand new vancouver apartment.  my life had been going down the tubes in calgary –shitty job, shitty roommate, shitty breakup with my husband–and i left it all behind to pursue my dream life in vancouver (note: in this instance, “dream life” means something like not having to shovel snow and wait for the bus in -30C  and instead is more similar to hanging out with my friends in a beautiful city, rather than the traditional incredible job, great house, low stress ideal that the phrase brings to mind. anyway, carry on).  though i was surrounded by people who told me i would fail, things have turned out quite well…

in the moving van, filling up on the edge of calgary. brown grass & snow on the ski hill.

there was this raw-edged excitement that went along with packing up my things and charging out into a new life.  in some ways, the time since i’ve been here has felt like a dream.

it hasn’t all been sunshine and roses, but the quality of my life has gone up dramatically, and i very rarely ever miss alberta. i have a solid group of friends, two jobs that satisfy my creative urges (photographer and florist), and my own small but lovely space. i’ve started riding a bike everywhere and that makes me so much happier than i ever expected it would. even just seeing a peek of the mountains through the clouds lifts my spirits so much and fills me with gratitude for living in this beautiful place.

here’s to two more years in vancouver (and two more, and two more, and two more…)

much love monday: cosmos

i have found something that makes me feel so happy: carl sagan’s cosmos.  many thanks to my friend michael for showing me this incredible series!

bandwagon, blah blah, but his excitement is overflowing and contagious.  his vocabulary and style of talking  were both precise and beautiful. for some reason, just hearing his voice cheers me up so much.  i was interested in space as a kid but lost the desire to learn about it for years, until space became trendy recently, and although cosmos was filmed thirty years ago it remains relevant today.

the things carl sagan said just lift my heart indescribably.


“if you wish to make an apple pie from scratch, you must first create the universe”

“the cosmos is also within us. we’re made of star-stuff. we are a way for the cosmos to know itself.”


and here you can watch the entire series legally, for free, on youtube.

tunesday: sigur ros

how have i gone without sigur ros for so long? i’ve loved them for years, ever since i got ( ) as a birthday gift at 19 and nearly wore out the cd, but over the past few years they’ve shifted out of heavy rotation.  they’ve recently started cycling back into things and it’s time.


“the best thing god has created is a new day”

yeah, i think today is going to feature me watching heima and feeling mopey that i’m not in iceland.  i thought going there once would be fine–i’d be satisfied–but i was wrong.  it’s calling me back! like, HEY ARINN come ride horses and look at mountains and marvel at the lack of trees.  uh, yeah, okay, that sounds delightful, where do i sign up?