much love monday: making bouquets

i am so into my job right now. being a florist can be so rewarding! one of my coworkers is leaving and i’ve been training a lot to attempt to fill her shoes…it’s hard, but so fun! i’ve been learning a lot of new things (like how to ribbon a corsage/boutonniere! yikes!), making orders and working on bouquets for the store. it’s so hard to figure out what people will like – i made four different bouquet series and the one i liked the best sold the least.  here are a few quick cell phone snaps of my bouquets.




yes, right now i’m really into adding hydrangea to bouquets! we have so much of it right now that it just seems natural to use. the best-selling of those series was the all-white one. i’m excited to learn & practice more. it’ll be so lovely for my bouquets to look more polished.

i’ve never had a job like this before. i have so much to learn and skills to refine. it’s vastly different than working in a cafe or at a library. being a florist hits right in the sweet spot. i love how it’s not just a creative job, but one where i interact with the public. although the customer service aspect can drive me crazy, more often than not i enjoy working with people and making up bouquets on request. for the first time, i have a long term plan to stay at a job and it feels right.


much love monday: egg in a nest

for real, i have been eating this daily for the past few weeks. i got a mad craving and had to satisfy it, or else perish.

this food rut is somewhat bizarre, because for 27 years i hated soft eggs or fried eggs or basically any egg that was not scrambled. last summer that broke and now i’m eating eggs of all kinds (even preserved eggs! weird!).

so, anyway, try making egg in a nest with a little cheese and avocado and you, too, may find yourself in breakfast heaven!

much love monday: learning for free

today i discovered an incredible resource: free, online, university courses, from reputable schools such as mit, ubc, uc berkeley, yale, stanford, etc.  the courses range from the history of rock, to intro to biological anthropology, to understanding epidemiology.

mit offers most (all?) of its courses for free, by sharing the materials used in teaching each course.  you can find those at mit opencourseware. has over 700 free online courses to choose from.  most are in a similar self-directed format as the ones from mit, linked above, and has direct links to many of the mit courses.  most of the courses are available as lectures that you can download in mp3 format. offers courses in a more traditional format; the courses have start dates, modules released week-by-week, and optional workloads that you can take on to participate more fully.  if you choose to take on the coursework, you will get certificates of completion/excellence, depending on your passing grades.  i chose a course called useful genetics; i’ve read a lot about evolution and biology in the past year, and this will help deepen my understanding as i continue to learn about this field.

i took a year of university at the university of alberta, dropped out, and later took a course in canadian history from athabasca university (an online school), but have decided not to pursue a bachelor’s degree.  this newly discovered resource makes me so happy, because i love to learn, but prefer a more self-directed path.  i’m so excited!


much love monday: cosmos

i have found something that makes me feel so happy: carl sagan’s cosmos.  many thanks to my friend michael for showing me this incredible series!

bandwagon, blah blah, but his excitement is overflowing and contagious.  his vocabulary and style of talking  were both precise and beautiful. for some reason, just hearing his voice cheers me up so much.  i was interested in space as a kid but lost the desire to learn about it for years, until space became trendy recently, and although cosmos was filmed thirty years ago it remains relevant today.

the things carl sagan said just lift my heart indescribably.


“if you wish to make an apple pie from scratch, you must first create the universe”

“the cosmos is also within us. we’re made of star-stuff. we are a way for the cosmos to know itself.”


and here you can watch the entire series legally, for free, on youtube.

much love monday: nepalese tea, chia

i learned this from my friend rosha.  she said, ‘we never ask if you want milk or sugar!’  this tea is sweet, milky, and delicious.

bring to a soft boil:

  •  water/milk mix, approx half & half.  i use almond milk and it tastes great.
  • green cardamom pods: 2-3 per cup
  • a cinnamon stick
  • a few pinches of nutmeg
  • 1 – 2 tbsp brown or yellow sugar per cup (but white sugar is ok too)
  • optional: a few cloves, a bit of cinnamon, etc.

when it reaches a boil, add some tea. you can add one bag or tsp of loose tea per cup: orange pekoe/loose leaf darjeeling, assam, whatever.  let it boil for a few minutes, then serve. you can scoop out the cardamom pods and tea bags, or if you used loose leaf you’ll have to pour through a sieve.





much love monday: cats purring when i wake up


okay, this is the best and i was feeling a little blue the past couple days but then i realised – what’s better than feeling down?  realising i have two cuddle love machines purring up a storm right there as i wake up, oh yes.  yesterday i was sleeping on my side when i woke up, and pepin was curled against me with the top of his head under my chin.  if that isn’t cozy and adorable, i don’t know what is.  today i was feeling a little grumpy because it’s a holiday and i would love to sleep in but i work in a stupid flower shop and this week is stupid valentine’s week and i fucking hate that god damn day and i have to work on it and see all this lovey shit and ugh ugh ug

but when i woke up, pepin was cuddled up near my face and henry was purring at me an arm’s length away so i just laid in bed a bit and let the nasty feelings be washed away by these sweet little animals.


much love monday: apple crisp, kind of

last night i had a lady over for supper (edited to add: she made me supper), and i made us an apple crisp. it was really good. you can make it too.

all measurements approximate

6-8 apples, and some pears too if you’re feeling it. cored & diced 1″
1.5 c oatmeal (not that quick cooking shit, the real thing)
3/4 – 1 c sugar
2 tbsp molasses
1 tsp cinnamon
1 tsp nutmeg
1/2 tsp clove
1/2 tsp ginger
1/2 tsp allspice
1/4 – 1/3 c margarine
1/2 c maple syrup

put all the apples & pears in a baking dish. pour maple syrup over them. combine oats, sugar and molasses and stir a bunch till all coated, then add spices and mix. cut in the margarine till well mixed then spoon over apples. bake 30-40 mins at 350F. serve in little bowls with a bit of ice cream or milk (i went with rice milk and it was actually great).