today origami journal released their summer 2014 issue, and my photos were featured! you can find a small travelogue i did while in berlin this past spring.  give it a look!




under our feet

yes, a little departure from weird animals to show you something tiny and beautiful.

using sand collected from beaches the world over, dr. gary greenburg meticulously sifts through and photographs delicate, colourful, and fascinating grains. the results are somewhat astonishing.  each photograph takes hours to compose; dr. greenburg had to invent a new way to photograph these sand grains, and combines several images with different focal points into the finished product.  it makes me think of snowflake photography – so much effort to show us the simple beauty of something tiny and overlooked.

happy solstice; also, the moon

it’s the shortest day of the year, i did my orange peel ritual already and i’m gearing up for a long day of double-shifts, followed by a last day on earth party with my coworkers.

and now i’ll share desert memories with you.

above canyon sin nombre, california. december 2006

above the same canyon, april 2012

still life

i made this as a christmas present for my platonic life partner rose, but due to some unlikely collusion between the canadian and german post offices, it arrived there in one week instead of six, so now i can share it with you without ruining the surprise.



my eye fell on a postcard that i found in 2005 and have had on my wall ever since (once my mom realised there was a dead bird at the centre of the image, and said something damning like well isn’t that strange.)


still life, vancouver 1997

much love: photography

i just had my first week employed as a professional photographer.  i’m working for a large studio in vancouver–in a turn of coincidence, one of my friends’ grandpas started the business nearly 100 years ago!

when i was younger, i was really into written arts, and i guess you could say i still am (see: this blog).  but when i was quite young, i fell in love with poetry, prose, all that wordy stuff.  about ten years ago, it began to shift and now i’m really into visual arts.  the rise in my love for photography is in line with this, and i didn’t quite realise how much i enjoyed it until i started getting paid to do it.   the style of photography at this studio is very formal and constrained, so i don’t get to utilise my creative talents in the same way i did as a florist, but it feels so good to talk to my coworkers about our various photo-passions.  to have a camera in my hand all day.  to learn how to set up lighting and practice directing.

you should check this album on my flickr: it has some of my favourite photos i’ve ever taken.


the importance of pushing through

last year i did a 365 project.  well, 366, leap year, whatever.  anyway, i started this project that seemed insane and finished it.  some nights i’d be laying in bed, nearly asleep, and realise–OH SHIT–that i’d forgotten to do a photo!  that’s how you end up with gems like this one.  but whatever, all that was important was seeing my project through till the end.     i did not miss a single day and felt so proud!

then a funny thing happened.  i started a second 365 and it has not fared so well. within the first few days, i started missing photos.  i’ve missed probably a week of photos.  one was in stockholm, when i forgot to take a photo and then left my camera at the hostel and then got drunk and slept somewhere else.  one was on the last day of my trip, when i had ample opportunities and none of them seemed right and finally i just forgot.  one was a day when a friend reminded me ‘don’t forget to take your photo today!’  if i stopped going the first time i forgot a photo, i would have missed out on so many rad photos, because without this project, i rarely take self-portraits.  i would’ve missed out on epic shots in reykjavik, stockholm, berlin, istanbul.  i would’ve missed out on silly photos with my friends and my cats.

so, yeah, my 365 is not going to be perfect.  it’s going to be flawed, missing photos, not a full representation of a year in my life.  but you know what? i’m so glad that i’m pushing through.  it’s worth having your project turn out a little differently than expected, rather than quitting and having no project at all.

it’s so easy to quit the moment we slip up.  the first few times i tried to go vegetarian, i failed.  sometimes i try to do yoga every day and it just doesn’t happen.  instead of allowing that slip to be an excuse to quit trying, to quit pushing, one must just get back on the horse.  keep going.  forgive ourselves for being imperfect, and continue on our path to art, healthy eating, healthy living, positive self-talk, whatever it is that’s important to us.

must read: the daily frolic

are you interested in dreamy photography and thoughtful words to accompany it?  YES, I THOUGHT SO.  you should really check out the daily frolic, jasmine fitzwilliam’s photo blog. she’s a talented photographer (obv), designer and all-around doll.

her photo blog is super inspiring.  more often than not, her photos make my heart ache (in a good way) because she captures the beautiful hidden bits of the san diego i know, love, and miss so much.  i have often struggled with that loss but it hasn’t been enough time for the pain to dull.  while i go through my personal battle with love and loss, i can live vicariously through jasmine’s musings and photos.

(this is her!)


really, i could be here all day, showing you photos from her flickr. just check it out.

i met jasmine nearly four years ago, while i was living in san diego.  i used to be really into modeling and set up a shoot with her. i first ran into her in a strange way: the same day we booked the shoot, i was dropping off some film and had a sneaking feeling that the gal ahead of me in line was none other than jasmine. i was too nervous to approach her, in case it wasn’t. turns out i was right! intuition, wtf?

later, when we met for real. jasmine  was sweet and charming (and so stylish!).  our photoshoot day was such a pleasure!  while living in sd, i went through bouts of feeling lost, and it was so nice to find a fellow canadian!

the photos from that day are some of my absolute favourites from my seven-years-and-counting modeling “career”. later, jasmine was kind enough to do some photos of my mom and i that still make me happy.

(i have this one framed)