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new here?  why don’t you check out some of my top posts.

1.) BATS

you guys fuckin’ love bats! a few times a week, people find the blog by googling ‘bats cuddling’. i want to know who those people are! i bet we’d be friends.

2.) palm tattoos

i think folks are looking for information/photos (specifically of swastika freakshop work) but just like those sexy dinosaur lovers, they do not find what they’re looking for. they find me rambling about should i/shouldn’t i? and are probably annoyed that i can’t make a damn decision.

3.) chewy vegan ginger cookies!

a few years ago, my ex-boyfriend kevin’s current girlfriend was googling ‘chewy vegan ginger cookies’ and found this recipe, this blog, and somehow put together that i was her boyfriend’s former flame.  sound convoluted? it kind of is, but IT’S TRUE. you should probably just make these cookies then tell me how much you like them (or don’t, as the case may be).

4.) crazy date ideas

a list of 70 + date ideas.  can’t find anything fun to do with your love-interest? check this shit out.

5.) chocolate chai cupcakes

a perfect little treat for those of you who (like me) are not so into buttercream icings.

6.) layered tights

so simple, so fashionable.  i offer the answers to ‘why?’ and some how-to’s.

7.) fox love

seems like you all adore them as much as i do!

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