tunesday: amongster


ok, so there is a hokey forest sex scene that keeps this video from being amazing, but disregard it.  let’s look at everything else that’s amazing: the song itself is floaty, ethereal, with a beat that ties you down enough so that you don’t float off into the heavens, and it builds up like love.  the closeups of forest creatures is so wonderful.  i want to see more snake scales & turtle shells & snails unfurling their eye stalks.  the star and forest shots hit me right in the heart.   now pardon me, while i watch this video a few more times in a row.



much love: two new songs

oops! i meant to publish this monday morning and saved it instead of posting. auuuugh!

oh, shit. in the past couple weeks, i have fallen deeply in love with these two songs. i want to share them with you.

1.) wandering star by polica. the lead singer is formerly of roma di luna, and if you haven’t heard her cover of ‘in the aeroplane over the sea’ you must check it out. but i am getting ahead of myself!! here is her new project. SO. good.

reasons i love this video:
– the lead singer’s style. she is such a babe. her haircut! swoon. and damn, i love that blousy shirt/chunky silver men’s watch combo. and she has beautiful hands. uhhh
– two drum kits! TWO! oh, such an intense beat.
– convinced me that autotune can sound good.

2.) my pal dano turned me onto this song, welcome home by radical face. it’s so dreamy. the first time this song played, i got up from my computer and watched the torrential rain stream down and smash the pavement outside. it’s perfect rainy-night song. it makes me swoon. it makes me want to cuddle the shit out of some willing partner (generally my cat henry). how is it possible that dudes with beards make such good music? OH MAN. you grow the beard, and you get better at music. i swear, this is a thing.

ALSO, i have 5 invites to give away to a new music site! it’s called this is my jam and is actually where i found out about welcome home. it’s awesome. i really enjoy the format and how the songs in my friendlist just play as a continuous playlist. if you like discovering new music, you should give it a try! leave a comment with your email if you want an invite.