marsupial minis!

long-tailed planigales are where it’s at! they’re the tiniest marsupials on the planet, and ohmygosh are they miniature.  their average length is 59mm and weigh about 4 grammes.  four grammes! that is, like, as much as a teaspoon of sugar weighs.

these little dudes are really cute in a plain way, and they have long, flat heads: probably because their native habitat is the dry plains of northern australia, where the soil cracks into deep crevices.  they are so tiny they can literally fit into an ecological niche available to no other mammal.

long tailed planigale in a bucket trap

they’re so small and reclusive that not many photos of them exist on the internet to share with you; but thankfully, the scarcity of photos isn’t reflective of their population numbers.  they are quite common and their habitat is not threatened in any major way.