much love monday: cats purring when i wake up


okay, this is the best and i was feeling a little blue the past couple days but then i realised – what’s better than feeling down?  realising i have two cuddle love machines purring up a storm right there as i wake up, oh yes.  yesterday i was sleeping on my side when i woke up, and pepin was curled against me with the top of his head under my chin.  if that isn’t cozy and adorable, i don’t know what is.  today i was feeling a little grumpy because it’s a holiday and i would love to sleep in but i work in a stupid flower shop and this week is stupid valentine’s week and i fucking hate that god damn day and i have to work on it and see all this lovey shit and ugh ugh ug

but when i woke up, pepin was cuddled up near my face and henry was purring at me an arm’s length away so i just laid in bed a bit and let the nasty feelings be washed away by these sweet little animals.



cat and dog adventures!

Oh! I think this blog needs a bit more cat-and-dog.

an epic cuddle party

Buzz catching some rays on Fiesta Island last weekend.

Stealing Buzz’s bed to host a cat-themed cuddle party on it.

Pepin’s tentative overtures of friendship. Buzz is trying really hard not to be scared of him.

Oh, scaredy-cat Henry hiding in a towel fort.

happy summer-eve

I feel like we gave Buzz a really good day! It started off with chicken meat & gizzard oatmeal, then we had a serious 1h walk around the neighbourhood. The afternoon was relax-time, with playing and carrot snacks and napping, supper of chicken & fish, then a half-hour walk on the beach! He even ran around and dipped his nose and paws in the ocean. If we let him he just drinks ocean water and barfs on the way home…ha! Thankfully we missed out on that excitement today. After we got back, Pepin turned on his grade-A befriending charm! He groomed B’s tail-tip, ear-edge and footpads, then they sat with their foreheads together and I nearly died of delight. I think they are going to be true pals soon!

It’s a nice change to feel like I am succeeding in my quest to provide Buzz with the best life I can.

my week

Grocery shopping: I am starting to get a lot better at cooking and now going to the store is kind of exciting. The best meal I made this week was eggplant bharta over basmati rice with chapati. All from scratch! I love making things at home even if it’s easy enough to buy.

Stress!! It felt like things were coming at me from every side but I’ve had a few days to roll everything around in my mind and I’m feeling great again.

I got a new laptop, Greg’s parents gave us a truck, my house is so clean, I have a few awesome friends, and my grandma, aunt and cousin are visiting until Thursday. Oh, and I’m going to go eat a devil’s food cupcake right now. You can see why I’m happy!