yes, i just got a joni mitchell tattoo

Blue songs are like tattoos
You know I’ve been to sea before
Crown and anchor me
Or let me sail away

ten years ago, when i first moved out on my own,  i fell in love with the album ‘blue’.   it felt like i listened to it on repeat for the entire summer.   even now when i listen to it, little feelings float up.  how great that first taste of freedom was–to be in my own home, beholden to no one else.  able to dance in my underwear or make a  grilled cheese at midnight or stay out till 4 am with my friends.  to have a small space to call my own.  how great it felt to work and pay for everything myself!
a few years later, the crown & anchor appeared in my head as a tattoo design, but i saved it until the time was right.   flash forward to now and it fits perfectly with my ocean-themed right arm!
this piece, though relatively small, took four hours!  the artist, alex at craftz tattoo here in berlin, has a very different tattooing style than i’ve ever encountered.  the four hours was completely worth it though; his attention to detail paid off and i have an incredibly beautiful new piece.

mixtape: clam jams

okay, everyone. you can rest easy now that my mythical female rap/hip hop mix, CLAM JAMS has finally been released.  well, “released”.

when i started working on it last autumn, i had a lot to learn about ladyrap;  thanks to the unprecedented number of suggestions from friends (most notably: greg, brian, dan & sarah!) i now have enough for two mixes.  now you have something to look forward to in the future of arinn’s mix-mastering.

something kind of hilarious i noticed while researching this project on youtube: almost any artist, from our lady of rage to michi mee, had comments on her videos like ‘eat shit nicki minaj! this is what a real rapper sounds like’.  come on haters, ease up! there is room in the music spectrum from super-produced eyelash-batting babes like nicki minaj and underground artists who produce and distribute their own music (nikki lynette) and old-school rap ladies (michi mee, bahamadia, etc).  not like youtube comments are the height of compassion and love, but you probably understand what i’m getting at.  let’s give love to all the ladies who are putting their music out there.

ANYWAY, enough yammering.  here is the earcandy.  disclaimer: although this mix has 20 tracks, don’t be pushed away!  it clocks in at 71 minutes.  that’s not too long, is it?


1.) 4 the people – missy elliot

2.) 3 the hard way – bahamadia : i remember when this album came out.  seventeen magazine reviewed it.  i was not cool enough to listen to it then, but i am now, god damn it!

3.) afro puffs – our lady of rage

4.) girl for all seasons – northern state : fuck oppressive beauty standards!

5.) bitches on my dick – angel haze :

6.) do it like a dude – jessie j :  i’m not going to beat around the bush.  this music video is full of fuckin’ babes.  seriously.  just watch it.  don’t blame me when you find yourself with a slight butch fetish.  damn, do i ever love a tough lady/boi.

7.) super bass – nicki minaj : she has a thing for american guys?  so do i.  yiiikes.

8.) 212 – azealia banks : i played this on repeat for a couple weeks.  it just might be your next earworm!

9.) show my ass – dominique young unique : this is gonna be familiar to girl talk lovers.  the song stands well on its own!

10.) push it – salt n pepa : of course

11.) difficult – uffie : i like to call her “the french ke$ha’, which isn’t exactly an endorsement, but this is catchy as hell.

12.) beneath my city – nikki lynette : her roses & guns mix tape is full of honest, clever rapping, plus! she is super independent. she does her own production, promotion, etc.

13.) sunshowers – mia

14.) lip gloss – lil mama : another sample that came to me via girl talk, but damn, i love the image of lil mama’s teacher being all ‘girl where did you get that lip gloss? I NEED SOME’

15.) gucci gucci – kreayshawn : i’ll admit, this is a totally guilty-pleasure dance song for me

16.) let me blow ya mind – eve

17.) runnin – nova rockafeller : a lady rapper from edmonton! who knew?

18.) jamaican funk  canadian style – michi mee & la luv : canadian mc pioneer? yes please!

19.) u.n.i.t.y. –  queen latifah

20.) blame the booty – leslie and the lys : you guys already know that i have a mad love for this song. now listen agaiiiin!

do you have any suggestions for vol. 2? working title ‘still clam jammin’