yes, i just got a joni mitchell tattoo

Blue songs are like tattoos
You know I’ve been to sea before
Crown and anchor me
Or let me sail away

ten years ago, when i first moved out on my own,  i fell in love with the album ‘blue’.   it felt like i listened to it on repeat for the entire summer.   even now when i listen to it, little feelings float up.  how great that first taste of freedom was–to be in my own home, beholden to no one else.  able to dance in my underwear or make a  grilled cheese at midnight or stay out till 4 am with my friends.  to have a small space to call my own.  how great it felt to work and pay for everything myself!
a few years later, the crown & anchor appeared in my head as a tattoo design, but i saved it until the time was right.   flash forward to now and it fits perfectly with my ocean-themed right arm!
this piece, though relatively small, took four hours!  the artist, alex at craftz tattoo here in berlin, has a very different tattooing style than i’ve ever encountered.  the four hours was completely worth it though; his attention to detail paid off and i have an incredibly beautiful new piece.

love anchors me

springing off my anchor pin, i wanted something a bit larger & framed…

i’d originally wanted to add a banner saying ‘love anchors me’ but i didn’t plan out the sizing quite well enough to allow it. this design is a favourite so i have no problem with doing it again, in a different frame. the thought of love anchoring us into place, holding us when we are lost or confused–it’s so warming. the bannered version will definitely happen, but for now: here are some close-up shots of the piece.

i was taught the stitch i used in the rope by a friend, melanie, and had been dying to try it out in a piece! thanks mel<3

after sewing this kind of design (first the brooch, now this) quite a few times over the last few months, it’s settled into my head as a possible tattoo idea. after all, i’m planning a large ocean piece! to tell you the truth, i am kind of scared to ride a boat over the deep water. the ocean is so vast, deep and unknown.

and of course, you can find it onetsy.