the orchids (belated tunesday)

i  really and truly thought it was tuesday, and was about to post this only to realise i’m less than an hour away from thursday…well, who cares anyway


a couple months ago i loaded my new computer with contents of an old hard drive back up, including music, and found beautiful stuff i’d forgotten about (how does that even happen) and now i’m swooning again to califone



one of my favourite concerts of all time was seeing califone with iron & wine in san diego, 2007.  oh goodness.  i was in heaven.


tunesday: change your life

thanks to sian, i am hooked on this song right now

CHANGE YOUR OWN DAMN LIFE GEEZ why is this song so catchy

at least i didn’t put that new drake song here, i like it too but it has only like five lines and besides the video is rubbish, at least this one has a baby tiger and nipples

tunesday – what i wouldn’t do

okay, sorry about the radio silence–first i was in california, and then a whirlwind after i got home, and then and then and then…


but here’s something small, a little musical offering. i’m so in love with this song right now! it’s dancey and wonderful and reminds me of my friend chris chan  (he got a crush on serena ryder like 10 years ago because he knows everything about the canadian indie music scene and it was cute then and it’s still cute now).   on top of that,  i’m in a lovespace and so lovey music makes me happy! your love is like an ocean indeed.




tunesday: holocene

this song will always remind me of walking around portland when the cherry blossoms were out and beautiful. it’s like the prairie, i could see for miles and miles

the first time i watched the video was just now, and i can’t believe it’s filmed in god damn beautiful iceland and that kids’s sweater is so gorgeous and now i feel all mopey about not visiting iceland this year MEOW MEOW MEOW tough life filled with so many beautiful things and not enough time to see them all

tunesday: you said something

back to the swoony days of my late teens.  i’ve always been prone to romanticism, and over nothing more than music.   the best songs hit me right in the solar plexus and make me happy and sad and bittersweet and twisting achy inside.  i love the tension in this song.  it feels that beautiful space before a first kiss: after you know that you want to very much indeed but before you actually touch. that feeling, pre-kiss tension, is the best but also the worst when it stretches out for hours and this is what the song reminds me of.


it’s wonderful for the added touch of mystery, like the last scene in lost in translation, such a tease because i want to know what was said.