book love: ryan

hello, i’m back, and with photos to share!

a couple weeks ago, i photographed ryan for my book love project, and was absolutely delighted in his choice of reading material!  not only did he choose the princess bride, but he and i have the same edition of hitch hiker’s guide, and the most perfect part is that both our copies are library discards.

enough talk, though: here he is, in all his beardy blond glory!


much love monday: walking a dog

let’s be honest.  dog walking is one of those simple pleasures in live that suuuuucks if a) it’s raining/snowing/freezing cold, b) you’re sick/in a hurry  or c) the dog is an asshole.

otherwise, it snaps me into this beautiful reverie.  my mind slips into the same relaxed, aware, almost mediative state that i usually reach while cycling, running or doing yoga.  it’s this pleasant time where i can consider anything, but it’s rational, it’s simple, it’s not stressing me the fuck out.  experiencing the world with a dog at my side slows me down.  when i’m walking a dog, i’m not listening to my ipod, texting or talking on the phone.  i’m present in the moment.

this past weekend, i got to walk the sweetest dog (arwen, pictured above).  i came into my friend’s living room and there she was, charming me with her love-me eyes, her one floppy and one perky ear, her mild, loving personality.  someone was dogsitting her and i got permission to take her on a little ramble.  she was soo easy to walk:  so responsive at the leash, with such a  delightful, prancing gait.  i took her out intending to go for a short jaunt around the neighbourhood and ended up staying out for more than an hour.  at the end of it i felt so relaxed and happy.  it made me miss having a dog, because i’d get to have those daily meditative moments (only, they so often turn into obligation, stress, rush, especially in a place where the weather sucks or you’re afraid to be in your neighbourhood after dark, alone).

although i love my cats, there is a different level of interaction with them than with a dog–and i didn’t realise how much i missed that dynamic until this past weekend.  fingers crossed that my life can include a sweet dog like arwen sooner, rather than later .