book love: ryan

hello, i’m back, and with photos to share!

a couple weeks ago, i photographed ryan for my book love project, and was absolutely delighted in his choice of reading material!  not only did he choose the princess bride, but he and i have the same edition of hitch hiker’s guide, and the most perfect part is that both our copies are library discards.

enough talk, though: here he is, in all his beardy blond glory!


much love monday: snow white/sleeping beauty retold

i grew up on old-school grimms tales, where evildoers were drawn and quartered, or rolled down hills in barrels with nails hammered inward. i cut my teeth on mythology of all sorts and my love for folktales hid for years, before bursting out with a vengeance.

courtney sent me a link to this story a few days ago, and it’s enchanting. you have got to read it. i can’t even pick a part to excerpt because it’s all luminous. it’s not very long. do yourself a favour and read it.

the true story of what was [snow white/sleeping beauty]

having a spot of beautiful prose in one’s day never hurts (except that one line in for whom the bell tolls, that is about robert jordan remembering the sun on maria’s hair, which is so beautiful it is painful because it makes me think of the things i will always remember about my fondest love, who is gone beyond me forever and it’s hard to admit and i will always carry those happy/sad memories beating within me).

much love: reading buddies

i love my bookish friends like mal (pictured above) and courtney (with whom i don’t have any reading photos) who can pull out a book anywhere, anytime, and we can read together.   i spent most of this labour day weekend reading, part of it while at a local music festival with mal and a bunch of other friends.  it felt so good to be bookish. ❤  PLUS ‘blink’ is incredible, holy fuck.  i’m 100 pages in and it’s already blown my mind so many times.  you should read it if you like books that are a) informative and b) SO GOOD.