tunesday: you said something

back to the swoony days of my late teens.  i’ve always been prone to romanticism, and over nothing more than music.   the best songs hit me right in the solar plexus and make me happy and sad and bittersweet and twisting achy inside.  i love the tension in this song.  it feels that beautiful space before a first kiss: after you know that you want to very much indeed but before you actually touch. that feeling, pre-kiss tension, is the best but also the worst when it stretches out for hours and this is what the song reminds me of.


it’s wonderful for the added touch of mystery, like the last scene in lost in translation, such a tease because i want to know what was said.


tunesday: sigur ros

how have i gone without sigur ros for so long? i’ve loved them for years, ever since i got ( ) as a birthday gift at 19 and nearly wore out the cd, but over the past few years they’ve shifted out of heavy rotation.  they’ve recently started cycling back into things and it’s time.


“the best thing god has created is a new day”

yeah, i think today is going to feature me watching heima and feeling mopey that i’m not in iceland.  i thought going there once would be fine–i’d be satisfied–but i was wrong.  it’s calling me back! like, HEY ARINN come ride horses and look at mountains and marvel at the lack of trees.  uh, yeah, okay, that sounds delightful, where do i sign up?

i’m still alive!!

just wanted to check in and tell you guys that everything is going really well! i haven’t had time to do a wrap-up post for berlin (which i left one week ago) or anything since, but it has been so much fun.  greg met me in berlin and we have been in prague, krakow, budapest, and today we are going to zagreb.

this morning i woke up and realised that in three weeks i will be home, and i got a little twinge of sadness!  i have been missing my friends, my cats, and biking on the cool, green, vancouver streets–but traveling is so exciting and when i get home i am going to have to deal with Real Life, like bills and finding a job.

but for now i am wandering around crumbling blocks of old apartment buildings, drinking lattes in quiet cafes, and riding the train around central europe.  life is good.

kid songs

my first serious boyfriend was a mix cd fanatic.  he probably made me nearly 20 mixes in the two and a half years we knew each other.  some of them introduced me to songs that are still enduring favourites; some were prescriptive, filled with advice; and one was filled with songs he loved when he was a little kid.

i still enjoy finding out what songs people in my life enjoyed when they were little.  i’ve been thinking hard on it, and came up with a list of my songs to share with you.  this is all music i enjoyed before i was 8 years old.  i didn’t know the names or artists of a couple of them until today, when i googled all this shit to share.  oh, and it’s arranged in a roughly chronological fashion, according to my age when i loved it.

spinning wheel – blood, sweat & tears

–only because of the “ride a painted pony” line ( like most four-year-old girls, i was a pony fanatic)

heart of gold – neil young
— i have always loved mournful, bittersweet music.  maybe this song started me on that path!

wild world – maxi priest

if i had $1,000,000 – barenaked ladies
gordon was one of the first albums i ever loved–there are many musical memories of mine hidden in it.  my mom and her sister both loved the album. i particularly remember singing along and dancing to this song with my mom.


now, your turn! what did you dance around to when you were a tiny person?