book love: ryan

hello, i’m back, and with photos to share!

a couple weeks ago, i photographed ryan for my book love project, and was absolutely delighted in his choice of reading material!  not only did he choose the princess bride, but he and i have the same edition of hitch hiker’s guide, and the most perfect part is that both our copies are library discards.

enough talk, though: here he is, in all his beardy blond glory!



lammergeiers, or bearded vultures, are the only birds in the world whose diet subsists mostly of bones. they’re enormous–with a wingspan between 7-9 feet (to compare, condors have the largest wingspan in the world, 10 feet). on top of all of it, they look kind of like dragons.

these metal birds can swallow bones whole, because their super-acidic stomach can digest whole bones in about 24 hours. for bones that are too large to eat whole, bearded vultures have developed the special tactic dropping bones from the sky, which conveniently breaks them into edible pieces.

bone-eating is such a useful adaption. lammergeiers usually live alongside other giant predators or scavengers, such as griffon vultures or golden eages, and eat the bones that the other top-level carnivores leave behind. additionally, they have no need to cache meat as some animals do; bones don’t rot, nor are they of value to other predators.

(skip to 3:00 or so if you’re impatient for lammergeier action)

to be fair, these vultures don’t eat only bones, but bone matter does make up about three-quarters of their diet. when they eat flesh, they generally go after tortoises, hares, hyraxen, etc. supposedly they’ve even carried off children, but that seems a bit sensational at best.

lammergeiers aren’t classified as a threatened species, but since there are something like 2.000-10,000 left in the wild (and their range is enormous, from northern europe to south africa, to china!), let’s pause for a moment and appreciate how beautiful & terrifying this giant bird is! they’re like dinosaurs, or the dancing headless things in the labyrinth, or skeksis…nightmare beauty bird indeed.

much love: two new songs

oops! i meant to publish this monday morning and saved it instead of posting. auuuugh!

oh, shit. in the past couple weeks, i have fallen deeply in love with these two songs. i want to share them with you.

1.) wandering star by polica. the lead singer is formerly of roma di luna, and if you haven’t heard her cover of ‘in the aeroplane over the sea’ you must check it out. but i am getting ahead of myself!! here is her new project. SO. good.

reasons i love this video:
– the lead singer’s style. she is such a babe. her haircut! swoon. and damn, i love that blousy shirt/chunky silver men’s watch combo. and she has beautiful hands. uhhh
– two drum kits! TWO! oh, such an intense beat.
– convinced me that autotune can sound good.

2.) my pal dano turned me onto this song, welcome home by radical face. it’s so dreamy. the first time this song played, i got up from my computer and watched the torrential rain stream down and smash the pavement outside. it’s perfect rainy-night song. it makes me swoon. it makes me want to cuddle the shit out of some willing partner (generally my cat henry). how is it possible that dudes with beards make such good music? OH MAN. you grow the beard, and you get better at music. i swear, this is a thing.

ALSO, i have 5 invites to give away to a new music site! it’s called this is my jam and is actually where i found out about welcome home. it’s awesome. i really enjoy the format and how the songs in my friendlist just play as a continuous playlist. if you like discovering new music, you should give it a try! leave a comment with your email if you want an invite.