tunesday: amongster


ok, so there is a hokey forest sex scene that keeps this video from being amazing, but disregard it.  let’s look at everything else that’s amazing: the song itself is floaty, ethereal, with a beat that ties you down enough so that you don’t float off into the heavens, and it builds up like love.  the closeups of forest creatures is so wonderful.  i want to see more snake scales & turtle shells & snails unfurling their eye stalks.  the star and forest shots hit me right in the heart.   now pardon me, while i watch this video a few more times in a row.



tunesday: change your life

thanks to sian, i am hooked on this song right now

CHANGE YOUR OWN DAMN LIFE GEEZ why is this song so catchy

at least i didn’t put that new drake song here, i like it too but it has only like five lines and besides the video is rubbish, at least this one has a baby tiger and nipples

tunesday – what i wouldn’t do

okay, sorry about the radio silence–first i was in california, and then a whirlwind after i got home, and then and then and then…


but here’s something small, a little musical offering. i’m so in love with this song right now! it’s dancey and wonderful and reminds me of my friend chris chan  (he got a crush on serena ryder like 10 years ago because he knows everything about the canadian indie music scene and it was cute then and it’s still cute now).   on top of that,  i’m in a lovespace and so lovey music makes me happy! your love is like an ocean indeed.