holy cannoli! a catbear!

okay, old news to 98% of the internet, but as this is an animal-focused blog i couldn’t overlook yesterday’s announcement of a new carnivorous species which was discovered in the andes!  they live in cloud forests, which sound like the most heavenly places on earth but may be more like this jungle, but i digress.   here’s a picture of the olinguito, for your perusal!

not a whole lot is known about these guys: they live high up in trees, eating fruit & insects, weigh only 1 kg, and have really cute ears.  they are part of the raccoon family, which includes them in the category “cute/scary”. it’s not an official linnean classifier, but so many things fit the category that it must be a real thing (eg: possums, aye ayes, star-nosed mole, tube nosed fruit bat, etc).


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