sweet baby tapir toes

it has recently been brought to my attention that tapirs are the cutest animal that is related to both horses and rhinoceri.  niche category, you say? no matter, say i!

SWEET BABY TAPIR TOES is also great as an exlamation.

tapirs kind of look like pigs but with prehensile noses. there are four species of tapir (malayan, brazilian, baird’s, and mountain) and all known populations are endangered or vulnerable.

tapir snouts are prehensile, like elephants, kind of. if english was a language made up of compound words like german, maybe we’d call tapirs ‘elephantpigs’ instead of tapirs.

elephant pigs can grow to be quite large (2m long/1m tall) and are herbivores, eating up to 40kg of fruits, berries & leafy shoots per day.






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