going public

it’s been a long time since i discussed my personal life on this blog but guess what IT’S HAPPENING AGAIN.


i have a boyfriend. it’s exciting and scary in nearly equal measure! his name is youn.  we met in november through coworkers at my photo job, and after a series of surprising events, it’s now june and we’re still having adventures together. in my dating history, this is most unconventional, but it was time for a change from old patterns anyway. spending time with youn has been so wonderful. we do so much fun stuff, like riding our bikes and cooking supper together and trying new beers and watching movies and finding the best eggs benny in the city. i feel really happy and wanted to share it…and now you know why i haven’t been posting as much!


10 thoughts on “going public

      1. it’s a wonderful little restaurant, the owner/chef named it after his infant son – it’s very unique, also, congratulations on the young relationship!

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