tunesday: holocene

this song will always remind me of walking around portland when the cherry blossoms were out and beautiful. it’s like the prairie, i could see for miles and miles

the first time i watched the video was just now, and i can’t believe it’s filmed in god damn beautiful iceland and that kids’s sweater is so gorgeous and now i feel all mopey about not visiting iceland this year MEOW MEOW MEOW tough life filled with so many beautiful things and not enough time to see them all


6 thoughts on “tunesday: holocene

  1. This was pretty Awesome! I enjoy learning about different types of music. I never been to portland so I’m unable to make the connections you written about. However, I found the song relaxing Thank You!

    1. I like your interpretation about seeing the awe by looking outside ourselves, especially when compared to the vastness of the world around us. I disagree that this has anything to do with a creator, but thanks for sharing your post with me !

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