much love monday: making bouquets

i am so into my job right now. being a florist can be so rewarding! one of my coworkers is leaving and i’ve been training a lot to attempt to fill her shoes…it’s hard, but so fun! i’ve been learning a lot of new things (like how to ribbon a corsage/boutonniere! yikes!), making orders and working on bouquets for the store. it’s so hard to figure out what people will like – i made four different bouquet series and the one i liked the best sold the least.  here are a few quick cell phone snaps of my bouquets.




yes, right now i’m really into adding hydrangea to bouquets! we have so much of it right now that it just seems natural to use. the best-selling of those series was the all-white one. i’m excited to learn & practice more. it’ll be so lovely for my bouquets to look more polished.

i’ve never had a job like this before. i have so much to learn and skills to refine. it’s vastly different than working in a cafe or at a library. being a florist hits right in the sweet spot. i love how it’s not just a creative job, but one where i interact with the public. although the customer service aspect can drive me crazy, more often than not i enjoy working with people and making up bouquets on request. for the first time, i have a long term plan to stay at a job and it feels right.


2 thoughts on “much love monday: making bouquets

  1. these are all gorgeous! i especially love the first picture, all the vibrant yellows and violet-purples with the big hydrangea. so glad that you are getting to feel more creative at the job 🙂

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