two year vanniversary!

on may 2, 2011, i woke up happy in my brand new vancouver apartment.  my life had been going down the tubes in calgary –shitty job, shitty roommate, shitty breakup with my husband–and i left it all behind to pursue my dream life in vancouver (note: in this instance, “dream life” means something like not having to shovel snow and wait for the bus in -30C  and instead is more similar to hanging out with my friends in a beautiful city, rather than the traditional incredible job, great house, low stress ideal that the phrase brings to mind. anyway, carry on).  though i was surrounded by people who told me i would fail, things have turned out quite well…

in the moving van, filling up on the edge of calgary. brown grass & snow on the ski hill.

there was this raw-edged excitement that went along with packing up my things and charging out into a new life.  in some ways, the time since i’ve been here has felt like a dream.

it hasn’t all been sunshine and roses, but the quality of my life has gone up dramatically, and i very rarely ever miss alberta. i have a solid group of friends, two jobs that satisfy my creative urges (photographer and florist), and my own small but lovely space. i’ve started riding a bike everywhere and that makes me so much happier than i ever expected it would. even just seeing a peek of the mountains through the clouds lifts my spirits so much and fills me with gratitude for living in this beautiful place.

here’s to two more years in vancouver (and two more, and two more, and two more…)


7 thoughts on “two year vanniversary!

  1. Sometimes it’s necessary to feel the taste of shit to appreciate the good taste of life! Congratulations!

  2. Bravo!!! I love it when people break out of their comfort zone + make a big change in their life, it’s so brave. Funny, I just got to Alberta for the summer!!! It’s going to be a beautiful summer in Vancouver!

    1. i snooped your blog a bit – black diamond is so pretty, i’ve been through once. okotoks is beautiful too, have you seen the big rock yet? that corner of alberta is one of my favourites.

      1. oh my goodness. i know exactly what you mean. once i moved from san diego to small-town alberta. i don’t want to be negative, but it was kind of the worst.

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