book love: malloreigh

in her own words, this is why malloreigh loves the dispossessed:

The Dispossessed is my favourite book of all the books I love. It’s got everything I like in it. It’s speculative science fiction, which to me has always been the most interesting form of fiction because it makes a comment on our lives today and extrapolates our world in a certain way to project a vision of our future. Even the campiest science fiction contains within it an understanding of human nature, of politics, of our relationship with technology, with each other, and with Others. The Dispossessed, specifically, takes a critical look at an anarchist utopia and says some interesting and, I think, fundamental things about human nature while doing so. In this book, Le Guin imagined a society without gender differences and hierarchy, without a sense of private property, and in doing so pointed out things about the world we live in today that are otherwise difficult to see. Plus, it’s fantastic science fiction written by a woman, and a feminist at that. There are not a ton of female science fiction writers, and Le Guin is one of the best ones out there.



2 thoughts on “book love: malloreigh

  1. this is such a wonderful series you’re doing! what a serene and thoughtful expression you’ve captured here. also le guin ❤ ❤ ❤
    can't wait to see more.

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