silent no moooore!

ok, clearly blogging has taken a backseat to life stuff lately.  i’ve been doing crazy things like working, dating, and participating in vancouver performance scene stuff like teen angst (yes, i read excerpts from my embarassing, teenage SECRET LOVE DIARY in front of a room of strangers) and west coast geeks vs nerds .

i don’t have the attention span to discuss weird animals today, so instead i present you with a playlist.  i’ve been listening to purity ring’s ‘shrines’ nearly ever day for over a month, and it’s still blowing my mind, so i threw together this mix of electro stuff to swoon around to.



1.) & it was u – how to dress well
2.) anything could happen – ellie goulding
3.) oblivion – grimes
4.) letter of intent – ducktails
5.) lofticries – purity ring
6.) wandering star – polica
7.) pet grief – the radio dept
8.) seventeen – youth lagoon
9.) rest your head – bat for lashes
10.) finn bikkjen!  – casiokids
11.) tigerlily – la roux
12.) cuddle fuddle – passion pit
13.) needy girl – chromeo
14.) ice cream – new young pony club
15.) hang with me – robyn
16.) drove me wild – tegan and sara
17.) starstruck – santogold
18.) mouthful of diamonds – phantogram


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