much love monday: the weight of my earrings

lobes at 1/2″

such a small thing, but i love wearing stone or glass plugs because of the weight in my ears. the earrings are only a few grammes in weight, which is just enough to be noticeable. sometimes when i turn my head i can feel the gentle tugging–and i can especially feel it after switching out from tunnels, like in the photo above. the weight is comforting and pleasant. this is probably because i love tugging on my earlobes: have you ever done it? it feels so good and releases through the ear canal a bit, so it feels like it’s widening. so that’s my simple pleasure this monday morning.

(to answer common questions i get about my stretched ears: i’ve been stretching for ten years, but could’ve reached this size in a couple years if i stretched faster. it doesn’t hurt if you are doing it right. they might shrink back to normal size if i took the earrings out, but i’m not worried about it because after a decade i’m still not tired of them. the holes don’t look gross without earrings, but maybe i’m biased.)


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