you guys, pangolins. what’s so special about them, you may ask? WELL.

FIRST OFF, they are the only mammal with scales!  the scales are just made of keratin (same as our fingernails), but they are sharp-edged and can be used defensively.

SECOND, pangolins roll up into a ball when they’re scared, which is so cute.  this is a sound defense even against lions.  motherfucking lions!  that is some serious shit.

THIRD. um. their tongues are so long, they extend internally into the pango’s abdomen, and can be extended up to 40 cm from its mouth!  as i’m sure you’ve guessed, they use their sticky tongue to catch little insecty things to eat.

(you may be thinking wait a minute, they can roll up into a ball like an armadillo, but stick their tongue out like an anteater! and i would say to you very observant, friend!  pangolins are related to both armadillos and anteaters)

FOURTH pangolins don’t have teeth. awww.  they’re like my grandpa!  another cool thing about their bodies is that they, and all other xenarthrans (sloths/anteaters/armadillos etc) have extra articulations between their lumbar vertabrae, so as to strengthen the backbone for digging. 

FIFTH their tails are prehensile!  (i love that word)

SIXTH they emit a foul odor, very similar to a skunk!  the only difference is that a skunk can spray its odor while the pangolin just…wafts it?

pangolins are threatened by poaching (for food, medicinal and fashion !!) and habitat loss. this is pretty depressing.  fellow humans, can we stop being terrible and killing all the animals and taking over too much space? dear readers, please promise me that you will not be eating or wearing or otherwise destroying these sweet little dudes!  all they want to do is hang out in trees and dig holes and hang out at night, not be bothered by terrible people.

to end on an upbeat note, what about these earrings? delightful!


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