still life

i made this as a christmas present for my platonic life partner rose, but due to some unlikely collusion between the canadian and german post offices, it arrived there in one week instead of six, so now i can share it with you without ruining the surprise.



my eye fell on a postcard that i found in 2005 and have had on my wall ever since (once my mom realised there was a dead bird at the centre of the image, and said something damning like well isn’t that strange.)


still life, vancouver 1997


2 thoughts on “still life

  1. i like your picture better than the postcard. the bird on the postcard is dead, and that makes it, well, kind of sick to look at. the bird in the drawing is full of life, and hope and future; the colours serve as wonderful background, bringing out the grey and the dreamlike expression. great job there.

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