featured artist friday: hellen jo

it’s high time i do a post about one of my favourite artists, hellen jo! she paints tough girls and gory shit.

i have a gruesome print of hers hanging just above my tv.  love it so hard!


scene from murakami’s ‘drive’

white hair 1

aequo animo

mortal remains

bay area native



2 thoughts on “featured artist friday: hellen jo

  1. oh the mortal remains one! the three fates! i love it.
    that red thread of life is so gruesomely perfectly intestine-y.

    and the aswang ACK that is horribly wonderful.

    in the carpathians there are mavky, lady-spirits who are lonely because they died tragic deaths and haunt the woods looking for lovers — they look wondrous from the front but much like the aswang from the back, in that all the gored innards are visible. they are not as bloodthirsty as the aswang, though. just a bit lost.

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