super sugar skull sale!


to celebrate that lovely holiday which is nearly upon us (dia de los muertos) all my sugar skull goodies are on sale! the brooches are normally $28, but until november 3 they are only $20.  get all up on your ancestor worship with these eco-friendly, handmade skull pins.  look styling while eating pan muerte, making an altar, and decorating with marigolds.

you can check out the listings on etsy by clicking any of the photos in this post, or if you are feeling brave, i will send you a surprise skull! i have quite a few brooches that don’t have etsy listings, but they are just as cute and also on sale.

if you want a mystery skull, you can purchase one of the listings on etsy and add note to seller “mystery skull”.

if a pin isn’t really your thing, check out this framed piece. it measures 4″x5″, and is on sale, $70 instead of its normal $80!  click the image to get to the listing.

i made these pieces because i really love the tradition of ancestor worship. do you have any personal or family rituals with which you honour the deceased? none exist in my family, and i have been fortunate enough to not lose anyone close to me (yet), although i do have a small altar built around my old cat’s ashes…


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