tunesday: walk in fire

this is definitely turning into a run of Music I Forgot I Liked.  or maybe i should think of a musical-nostalgia pun.  um….well, it’s 7 am and i’m writing this as a quick little entry before i head out to job #2, so for now i’m going to leave the pun status at “disappunting” (see what i did there?).
HOW ABOUT DOVES, AMIRITE? some cities is so swoony.  plus it’s in the right vocal range for me that i can sing along and feel all awesome, because i don’t know about that thing “harmonizing” etc.

also what the heck, for the past ten years i thought they were from montreal and now google says that they are from the uk instead.  subtle canadian pride deflated!

enough rambling: i need to put my clothes on and go!  check it outttt




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