much love monday: nerdy strategy gaming

i have three computers at my house.  one, which i am currently using to write this missive; a second, which was my primary laptop for a few years and i just haven’t taken it to get recycled because i spent $1500 and i can’t believe my money was so wasted on a piece of electronics but it’s on its way out soon, oh yes!; and a third, which is ten years old and creaky as hell, but i have kept it so long because…it has civ 3 installed.

obviously those are not great reasons to keep a computer around but civ 3 is so great.  imagine my delight when i found out there is an open-source version of the early civilization games. squee!!  it’s called freeciv (naturally). thank you, gods of open source, for this gift.

playing as iceland. swoon!!

this game has a huge range of cultures/civilizations to play, and you can play by the game’s own rules, or choose the civ 1 or 2 ruleset. just like a traditional civ game, there’s a lot you can do to customise the environment around you. in short, this game is awesome and it is not shameful at all that last friday night i stayed home, played this, and painted my nails.


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