star-nosed moles, what the heck

let’s talk about the star-nosed mole.  here are some things that you possibly did not know.

– it has 22 tentacles on its nose.  woah! that is so nonbinary!  oh yeah, did i mention that the tentacles are prehensile?  what would you do with eleven pairs of prehensile tentacles? probably something creepy and/or weird.

– it’s functionally blind and uses its nose to indentify prey.  it has the fastest prey identification of any mammal (that means, watch the fuck out worms/insects/amphibians/whatever else these guys eat)

– star-nosed moles are excellent swimmers and can even smell underwater.  wait! do you remember when we talked about how coconut crabs can smell underwater ?  well, star-noses use a completely different olfactory technique.  they blow air bubbles onto things or scent trails, and then re-inhales the bubbles in order to get all up in that scent.  that’s really something, right?!

this is what it looks like when they blow air bubbles underwater.

– these moles are from manitoba, which makes them officially the best thing about that province (just kidding, weakerthans, ilu)


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