you never know what someone else is thinking

even a simple plastic bag!

okay, i just wanted an excuse to post this video, which is hilarious and depressing and strangely poignant and you should definitely watch it, even though at eighteen minutes it’s probably past the attention spans of most people on the internet.  whatever.  it features my favourite teuton, werner herzog, and for me that was reason enough to commit the time to the saga of a plastic bag that thinks and feels.

the absurdity of sentient bags aside, it’s true that we do never know what is going on inside of the domed skull of another.  last week i had a date that i thought was incredible and was so excited for date number two, which i now realise is not going to happen, and it’s okay, but i wasn’t expecting that result.  of course, this isn’t the first time this has happened to me, but i had such an intense crush and now i don’t know how i could’ve misread those signals.

a couple days ago, i went on a job interview that was shocking.  it was at a cafe (as a second job, since my photo job doesn’t have many hours) and it lasted maybe seven minutes.  when i left i felt like it was a waste of time, like i’d said all the wrong things, and if i’d known i only had seven minutes i probably wouldn’t have talked so much about boxing–she asked! we discussed different studios!–and that encounter left me feeling disjointed and awkward.  i should’ve shaken it off before i went to apply to other jobs, but i determinedly went straight for it and then had several other painfully awkward encounters.  and you know what? after all that, i got the damn job offer.  WELL.

to the parts of my brain that usually process hunches, nonverbal signals, etc: please come back to work. i need you!


5 thoughts on “you never know what someone else is thinking

  1. oh herzog! i see you watched cave of forgotten dreams, too! yay!

    (have you watched the parodies ‘werner herzog reads children’s books’ on youtube? there’s waldo:
    curious george:

    my friends keep planning to do robert munsch ones… 😉

    also, not knowing what is really going on in people’s minds (and the impossibility of ever truly knowing) makes me very anxious, both in the theoretical sense and in the very real sense of going over interactions i’ve had… sigh….

    1. hah, oh yes, i’ve seen the where’s waldo one. LOVE IT. oh goodness. have you seen this? not a parody, but incredible. i feel like warner herzog is the funniest person in the world, but maybe unintentionally so. this clip cracks me up so much, especially when he starts talking about how the trees are in misery.

      it’s hard not to replay those interactions, right? especially when it was obviously perceived so differently by both parties. i mean, i was seriously flustered about how terrible that one interview went–it really carried through the rest of my day, and then it was awesome, and i didn’t get the job from a day later when i thought the interview was awesome. and don’t even get me started about that crush. bah! at least we can empathise with each other, you and i…

  2. ohhh, herzog!

    ‘the birds are in misery, they just screech in pain!’ poor poor man. i am giggling, but he needs a hug.

    ‘even the stars in the sky look like a mess!’

    ‘i don’t hate it, i love it. i love it very much. BUT I LOVE IT AGAINST MY BETTER JUDGMENT’.

    heeeheee. i just want to pat him on the head and give him a cup of tea. HUGS TO YOU, HERZOG.

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