make your own sugar skull IT’S TOTALLY A THING

OKAY last year i had this great idea. ‘why don’t i make a diy sugar skull kit and sell it?’ and then i did and i sold a few at this craft show where i was basically delirious from fever, and then i kind of forgot about them.

oops i put the label on upside-down, that’s okay, cause you still get it, right?


here’s the lowdown.  these kits have nearly everything you need to make a sugar skull: embroidery floss! cut-out felt pieces for the head, eyes and nose! pin & pin backing!  you must provide: needle, beginner sewing skillz and opposable thumbs (otherwise how are you gonna sew these dudes up)!  the felt is the same stuff i use in my shop, 100% recycled, so it’s kinda feel-good.  all the little pieces come in a tiny cloth bag, so nothing gets lost or jumbled up en route.

i have a bajillionty of these kits, and you can buy them straight from my etsy shop.  they are a great gift, or you can buy it for your damn self cause damn it you are worth a little sugar skull sewing kit and beside they are only $12 and it will be a fun few hours of sewing. right? RIGHT.  then at the end of it you will have one of these little guys, dove grey dawn style!

so! rundown: sugar skull kits. $12. ready to ship out right now! isn’t that exciting?


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