tunesday: sigur ros

how have i gone without sigur ros for so long? i’ve loved them for years, ever since i got ( ) as a birthday gift at 19 and nearly wore out the cd, but over the past few years they’ve shifted out of heavy rotation.  they’ve recently started cycling back into things and it’s time.


“the best thing god has created is a new day”

yeah, i think today is going to feature me watching heima and feeling mopey that i’m not in iceland.  i thought going there once would be fine–i’d be satisfied–but i was wrong.  it’s calling me back! like, HEY ARINN come ride horses and look at mountains and marvel at the lack of trees.  uh, yeah, okay, that sounds delightful, where do i sign up?


3 thoughts on “tunesday: sigur ros

  1. I liked Sigur Ros so much, especially the first album… visiting Iceland is one of my dreams (in particular a waterfall called svartifoss), so I guess we can shake our hands! 🙂

  2. ohhh yes, i know what you mean. agaetis byrjun was my introduction in late high school and i think i loved it more than anything i had ever heard before in my life at that time, and it will always be tremendously important to me. it was such a comfort to me right when i needed it; it got me through many a panic attack & its aftermath.

    ( ) i also loved. i too didn’t listen as much for awhile… takk was good, but not as stirring, and i while i liked the heima and hvarf/heim record, med sud i eyrum vid spilum endalaust was not as stirring for me.

    however, valtari, the newest one, is really really good, have you heard it? there’s more of an echo of early sigur ros again, and this makes me glad. have you watched any of the valtari mystery films? some of them are amazing:

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