much love: the rain returns

last week, sunny-autumn ended and rainy-autumn began.  this past weekend we even had our first all-out winter storm, with crazy hard rain for a few days.

but i admit that this love is double-edged.  i adore the cosy rainy winter here in vancouver, but i doubt my friends like it when i cancel on them for reasons like ‘it’s raining too much’.  sorry dudes.  sometimes it’s just so much nicer to sit and paint and listen to the rain on the roof (one of the benefits of living on the top floor of the apartment).  it always feels so wonderful when i wake up in the morning and hear the rain pounding on the pavement.  siiiigh.  cosy winter! let’s cuddle up, make a fragrant soup for supper, drink tea, and get lost under the blankets.  that sounds great, right?


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