vokra walk for kitties!

on september 23, i’m joining my friend altaira in the 3rd annual vokra walk for kitties.  this is perfect, because she and i are both on our way to being cat ladies (with two cats each!) and what better way to show it than fundraising for vokra?  vancouver orphan kitten rescue does all sorts of great things, like bottlefeeding orphan kittens, fostering cats of all ages, and trap-neuter-release programs for feral cats.  in 2009 alone, vokra saved 1400 cats from being euthanised!  i’d love to foster cats myself, but i am not allowed to have any more than two cats in my apartment and i don’t want to perish in a dust-storm of catfur, so please help me raise funds for this wonderful vancouver charity!  both my boys are former street-kitties and charities like this are very important in finding homes for sweet little cats<3

i have a $500 fundraising goal.  please help me meet it!  although the walk for cats is 23 september, i’ll be fundraising until 15 october.  even a small donation of $5 adds up.   any donations $20+ will receive a thank-you card and cat drawing in the mail (i can even draw your cats)! at your house! think of how happy you’ll be to open the mailbox and see something other than bills and takeout menus from restaurants you are never going to eat at.

my donation page can be found HERE. thank you in advance for any amount you’re able to give!




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