much love: reading buddies

i love my bookish friends like mal (pictured above) and courtney (with whom i don’t have any reading photos) who can pull out a book anywhere, anytime, and we can read together.   i spent most of this labour day weekend reading, part of it while at a local music festival with mal and a bunch of other friends.  it felt so good to be bookish. ❤  PLUS ‘blink’ is incredible, holy fuck.  i’m 100 pages in and it’s already blown my mind so many times.  you should read it if you like books that are a) informative and b) SO GOOD.


9 thoughts on “much love: reading buddies

  1. I ploughed through almost half of The Fellowship of the Ring yesterday because reading is awesome.

    Good reading buddies are rare and awesome.

    1. holy crow! that is an intense chunk of reading. well done!! when i got home from reading with mal, i spent another couple hours reading at home…so you and i were probably reading at the same time but we didn’t know it AWWW

  2. Yeah, reading is one of those things that make life worthy. Right now I’m reading nothing less than Lev Tolstoj’s “Anna Karenina”… looks like i will take a long time, but it’s a real masterpiece!!! Cheers!

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