you can never take things too far

last night, i went on a friend date with michelle.  we have been friends for something like thirteen years and as teenagers, we loooved ferris bueller’s day off.  WELL it was being shown in stanley park on a giant screen, so of course we went.

despite fbdo being one of my favourite movies of all time, it’s been years since iwatched it.  and oh my fucking god, was it ever great to watch with michelle.  we sang and danced and laughed sooo loudly that everyone around us probably hated us but no fucks were given.  it was so nice to laugh our heads off have a hangout with just us (usually her son, boyfriend, or one of our other friends is around).   when you’ve been friends with someone for half your life, they can remind you of hilarious things like the husband list you made in highschool, with ferris bueller at #1.  

one of my favourite celebrity encounters was earlier this year, when alan ruck bought flowers at my shop.  it was so hard to play it cool, because the whole time i had this clip running through my head

and it always makes me laugh and i had to keep a lid on it and just act like a normal human being and sell this man and his family some flowers.
tall order, if you’ve ever seen my poker face.


One thought on “you can never take things too far

  1. I love love love this movie. When the Super Bowl ad came out this year for the Ford Edge I realized I hadn’t seen the movie in so long. Great times! A true classic for sure.

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