much love: hydrangeas

i had never seen a hydrangea before coming out to vancouver for a visit in july, 2006.  holy cats, they are so beautiful.  they’re one of my favourite garden-flowers and a delight to work with in arranging–you can use them for really interesting asymmetrical bouquets, or as the base for a posy.  basically, i love them. they are a kind of unique flower in that their colour is dependent on the ph of the soil.   if you want to read about how to change the colour of your hydrangea, check out this handy guide.

this summer i got a vibrant fuchsia one & i’m really excited to see if it blooms to be a different colour next year! i’m hoping for a purplish blend, or maybe mixed pink and blue blossoms, but my plant may be too small for such variety.  either way, i will have to let it grow a few more years before it’s sturdy enough to experiment with.



posy-style with salal. i love doing these with freesia, anemone etc.



4 thoughts on “much love: hydrangeas

  1. I had never seen a hydrangea bush in person until this year either! So gorgeous. I had no idea the color was determined by the ph in the soil, interesting.

  2. Aren’t they lovely? My parents have two bushes in their garden, both different colours… one on a bank, so the soil is a bit more leached. Both are now very sturdy – I’d recommend snipping off lots of the flower heads (good news!) each year, it keeps the bush from getting spindly, and seems to result in more heads the following year… Gorgeous!

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