henry got high and wanted to sit in the bathtub and watch the faucet drip all night


sooooo henry kind of got pneumonia this week! it turned out to be aspiration pneumonia, in which he inhaled some liquid (in this case his own vomit!!) which stuck around in his lungs. his breathing was bubbly and wheezy and i could hear it from several feet away. it was terrifying. i’m so fortunate that my friend michael was able to drive us to the emergency vet and stuck around for the three hours it took to get henry checked out. it was so nice to have someone hanging out with me and telling me jokes, which made me way more calm. after a few hours in an oxygen tent, henry was allowed to come home!

in a slightly hilarious turn of events, when we got home, henry was seriously doped up from the variety of drugs he’d received, and all he wanted to do was watch water drip out of the faucet.  well, okay.

i was supposed to fly to alberta yesterday morning, and i obviously couldn’t leave henry only twelve hours after he got so messed up. i had to hang out and make sure that he was okay, take him to the regular vet for a check-up to make sure he was well enough to leave (although my pal michelle is checking on/feeding them once a day).   added to some other stresses in my life, this kind of made me flip out a bit.  whenever i leave for a few days, i get worried my cats will die.   i lost two full daytimes with my family (was supposed to arrive weds at noon, now will arrive friday at 12am), and i rarely get to see them and i miss them and i just spent$150 last week to rebook the flight and give me more time at home.  combined with other issues, i felt so low on tuesday night.  i had to cancel a date, i had no food in my house.  everything was stress.

between vet bills and flight fees, $1000 disappeared from my account overnight. maybe i won’t be able to do cuba in march like i wanted. i paid more to fix my cat than i spend on rent each month, but i love him and i’d do it again.   i’m just glad that henry will be okay.  oh my goodness.  i don’t know what i’d do if something happened to my little furry man<3


5 thoughts on “cat-astrophe

  1. That is an absolutely beautiful photo.

    I feel your pain when it comes to worrying about your cats. I’ve left mine in Australia while I travel the world indefinitely and I miss them so much and worry about them all the time.

  2. I really can understand worries about house cats, I do feel the same about mine: everytime I have to leave I take my worries in my suitcase and if I don’t see her for the whole day, then I start to freak out! So sad for your account, but so happy for your pet pal. Greetings from me and from my own Nora (the black cat that shares my house).

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