come see me debate geeky shit!


on sept. 11, i’ll be participating in the inaugural west coast geeks vs nerds debate.  the topic: batman vs boba fett, with a warmup debate ghostbusters vs men in black.

haven’t heard of geeks vs nerds before? that’s okay, i’ll fill you in. founded in halifax, a bunch of nerdy folks get all together and debate the relative merits of two similar figures in geekdom.  leia vs zelda.  luigi vs robin. darth vader vs spock.  this gets recorded, in front of a live audience, and lives on the internet in the form of a podcast. basically, it is awesome, and if you are in vancouver, you should come watch!

it’s been a long time since i’ve been on stage (2006, when i was in a burlesque number for the symphony of destruction), but i’ve got my fingers crossed that i’ve got what it takes to lead the geek team to victory! fingers double-crossed that they like me enough to keep me on board for october’s showdown, buffy vs blade.  i’m a rabid buffy fan, so even just thinking about the matchup is giving me a raging nerd boner.


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