much love monday: kayaking

a couple weeks ago, i tried kayaking for the first time. it was really spontaneous, but so perfect.  my friend crispin picked me up for lunch, decided we should head to deep cove.  the kayak shop was like a magnet, and we were able to rent one because crispy has kayaking experience.

we were out on the water for about 90 mins, and saw three seals (kind of amazing).  being on the water was a really cool feeling.  it was so calm, and i tried not to think about how far it would be to the bottom of the inlet.   it was so blissful to be in such beautiful surroundings, having a hilarious time with my friend.

kayaking was just so great! i was really inspired to take it up, but i feel like there isn’t enough time in the day to follow all the different fitness-related pursuits i’m into right now (boxing, yoga, cycling, running, work out wednesdays with tita, now kayaking…?)  hopefully, the future holds time for me to take some of the intro courses so i can go on mini kayak tours.  that would be so incredible!


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