having pride

this has been my first year participating in pride, ever, which is kind of funny and surprising because i have been out to myself and most friends for the best part of a decade.  i went to my first queer dance and was overwhelmed by the difference in the energy when the room is filled with (mainly) queer women.  i also fell in love at the dance, but that is another story.  it involves me swooning and her not realising i exist.  that’s ok.  this stuff happens.

this song, although not connected to pride exactly, has been on heavy rotation at my house the past couple weeks.  le1f is a rapper who is totally out, which is incredibly rare in the hip-hop world.  this video is great because of the super-modern styling, butt jiggling, and oiled dude in a pikachu mask, plus ‘wut’ is so catchy and i love it.



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