doing it cause it looks cool

you know what is awesome? having your friend take paparazzi camera photos of you when she sees you learning flair bartending in a park.  this is a sign that you have a rad neighbourhood (in which you just randomly run into your friends) and that you have rad friends (in that they will take photos for you to post on your blog without even being asked).

i totally caught that bottle

bartending fits right in with my creepy craigslist job hunt (see: foot jobs and porn reviews), because it can turn into a legitimate gig without a lot of time commitment.  lucky for me, i have a friend who used to run a bartending school! brady volunteered to teach me flair bartending and fire blowing–how could i turn down fire blowing?

tita caught us in the middle of the second lesson, when i was getting frustrated.  the basics were easy enough to put down, but after a couple hours working on the intermediate moves, and i was feeling a little disheartened.  most of the lesson was spent with me trying to flip the bottle and catch it on the back of my hand, which left me with bruised and swollen hands.  BUT! it was so awesome to have a little visit with tita, and also interesting because she is my shortest friend (4’11), and brady is my tallest friend (6’9), so having them meet was kind of surreal!  the three of us could make part of a circus sidedow–giant, short strong lady, tattooed lady.  now we just need someone with a beard of bees and maybe some conjoined twins and i wouldn’t have to learn how to bartend in order to make a few dollars.


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