OR, their cute-as-fuck spanish name: los caracols

or, in german (which is less cute): schnecke.  and hilariously, ‘slug’ in german is nacktschneckeliterally, naked snail! HOLY CATS I LOVE IT

reasons snails are so wonderful:

– they carry their houses around on their backs, which they can hide in when they are scared.  i especially love how their eye stalks retract!

– their shells are technically exoskeletons

– some snails have lungs and some have gills

– snails live in diverse environments, from the depths of the ocean to deserts to the bushes in front of my apartment

– they leave a slime trail, showing where they have been.  the trails are often wonderfully erratic!

– snail shells are made from an excretion, mostly calcium carbonate with a bit of protein, secreted by the mantle cells, which are located near to and underneath the shell.

– the shell is never shed and must be enlarged to accommodate the snail as it grows

– they are a little bit gross


3 thoughts on “SNAILS!

  1. eeee! (nackt)schnecken! probably the best snail word ever.

    two things:

    in ukrainian the usual word for snail is slimak (suitable, i think, it feels like a slimy word!) but they are also sometimes called ‘tikhokhod’, which is tikho (quietly, silently) + khod (the root of the verb ‘to go’) so they are ‘one that goes quietly!’ so cute.

    also, on my front walk today i came upon a slug trying to get it on with a snail… they were starting to twine their necks together, so i gave them some privacy — but wondered if they did consummate their attraction, would the wee ones have shells or not?

    oh, and perhaps you’ve seen this wonder, in all its mucus-y glory?

    1. HAHA i love that you posted the leopard slug link! i actually have seen it–rose and i watched it a bunch so i hid it somewhere in my post about berlin. seriously incredible how beautiful those slug penises are (now that’s something i never expected to say).

      and oh my gosh, it’s so cute to think of that slug hitting on the snail. i picture it, like ‘hey baby, you ever been with someone who doesn’t have a shell? try it out, IT’S LIBERATING’

      ‘slimak’ is an adorable word!! also tikhikhod is incredible too. is all ukrainian so cute?!

  2. eeep, yes, now i see where you linked it! heehee.

    and i was totally making slug-snail dialogue in my head when i saw them going at it 😉

    ps: yes ukrainian is all cute. cuter than russian, i say! but i am biased perhaps

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