much love monday: nebulae


how is it possible that i forgot the excitement i once had for space?  as a child, got into stars, and i am lucky enough to have a cool mom who would let me stay up late to watch meteor showers with her.  we’d always watch the perseids peak together, and i remember watching them from a picnic table in our yard, or the top of a camper when we were on vacation.

reef nebula

as a teenager, i learned about nebula and fell in love with their beauty.  i was (am) kind of a sentimental nerd, and i swooned so hard over them.  the ring nebula in lyra (at the top of the post) was my favourite.  i spent precious time on my dial-up internet connection looking at and downloading photos of nebulae.  a nebula is a cloud that’s made of dust and various gases, and as they get larger they attract more material, and eventually become stars.  holy crow.  i just love it.

crab nebula

when i was looking at the tumblr streams of a couple of my nerdy, space-obsessed friends, i came across photos of a bunch of nebulae and was like OH YEAH I USED TO REALLY LIKE THESE THINGS.  now i am getting swoony all over again!

horsehead nebula


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