travelogue: copenhagen

when i visited copenhagen, i wasn’t in the best place mentally.  i had a ridiculous anxiety attack before i left stockholm, and the train to denmark was less than peaceful.   three disgustingly drunk men got on and they were THE WORST.  yelling, spitting, barfing a bit, peeing with the door open, changing seats, nearly starting fights with other passengers.  one dude’s pants fell down so i saw his hairy, repulsive ass (in my head, i called him the troll)! if that isn’t enough to make a girl gay, i don’t know what is.  at one point, the troll was hanging out by my seat and bent over, so his nauseating rear end was pointing toward me and dangerously close.   i planted my foot in the middle of his butt and pushed him away.  he turned and glared but ambled away.  SUCCESS

the train rolled into copenhagen at a beautiful time, just as the sun was beginning to set.  my walk to the hostel took me past the tivoli and down to the river.  it was beautiful and peaceful.  the tivoli park reminded me of when i was a teenager and i really enjoyed amusement parks–before i grew into the jaded, cynical person i am today.

unfortunately for my jaded-cynical-self, the hostel was packed full of screaming teenagers running around, stomping, slamming doors and enjoying themselves in many ways that are bothersome to those over 21.   the wifi was only available in the lobby (where all the teenagers were) so i got to hang out among the masses of teens. HOORAY

sooo, you can kind of tell that i was not exactly in the best mood!  whatever.   after acquiring some late supper & checking my email, i was ready to crawl into bed and read until i fell asleep.

i only had one full day in copenhagen so i planned to make the most of it.  first up, i went to the national museum; i was excited to see the bog mummy exhibit, but it turns out there was only one, which was slightly disappointing (i have a thing for bog mummies, did you know?).  there was a very rich display of grave goods, lots of skeletons, loads of coins & animal bones and other rad artifacts.  i walked all over by the canals, in the old town–copenhagen is pretty in a quaint way.  it was super cute.  there were a tonne of cyclists, and really well marked cycling lanes all over the city.  so impressive! i’m not used to seeing hordes of people biking around (and without helmets, no less!).  there were tonnes of girls in skirts and heels cycling and that’s always a welcome sight…

after that, i walked toward the little mermaid.  she looked sad, lonely and small (which i guess i kind of the point).  next i went to a star-shaped fort and walked around its perimeter.  i hung out and watched a swan family paddle around the moat.

from there, i set off on my cemetery-tour.  i was in for a surprise! cemeteries in copenhagen (the three that i visted, anyway) were incredibly tidy! i saw more groundskeepers than visitors.  most of the  graves had hedges on top that were so precise! it was almost as though someone had used a level to make perfect right angles.  although everything was very well-kept, the cemeteries didn’t appeal to me.  they were just too orderly.


i like something a bit more wild.  as far as floral design goes, i really love gardeny stuff (although i can appreciate a simple, clean arrangement) so it’s no surprise that i started to figure out that i really like wild-looking cemeteries, too.

it was a really warm day, and i walked for hours–i felt tired, but also compelled to keep going and see as much of the city as possible!  after six or seven hours of wandering in the heat i hid inside the hostel for an hour or two before getting drawn back out.  i flopped down in a park beside the canal (river?) and read my book for a couple hours as the sun sank lower.

resting beside a canal during my epic walk around the city

here’s the park where i sat and read my book

copenhagen seemed like a nice city, but i definitely didn’t spend enough time there to really sink my teeth in.  i was kind of grumpy, a bit lonely after saying goodbye to daniel, and a bit too excited to head onto berlin to say hello to rose.  i’d like to return someday, explore more slowly and really see what the city is all about. i could hardly sleep because i was so keyed up to get to berlin…!  i planned to take the 7.30 am train the next day.


read about the rest of my two-month eurodyssey!

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4 thoughts on “travelogue: copenhagen

      1. I went 8 years ago, so perhaps it has changed. Christiania was incredibly fun, the people are friendly and inviting, the weather is amazing, the bustle, the history, the charm. While some parts clean, fresh and simple, indicative of modern scandinavian design, other parts are earthy and real. I enjoyed my 10 days there that winter.

      2. even just reading your short description makes me want to go back and spend a lot more time there!

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