much love monday: reunions

now that i’ve returned from my two-month eurodyssey, you can expect regular post schedules (much love, tunesday) to return!

ok, who the fuck doesn’t love reunions?   it may be so obvious, but in my first ‘much love’ in a couple months it seemed fair to shout out to something that has been really lovely for me.

in berlin, i visited rose–she and i were roommates in edmonton nearly ten years ago, and although we have visited several times since, it really felt like a reunion of sorts.  then in the uk, i spent time with matt in london and jenanne in edinburgh, both friends i met in edmonton & haven’t seen in eight years!

not only did i get to travel around europe, visiting friends i hadn’t seen in ages, but i got the warmest welcome from my vancouver-based loved ones upon my return.  i can’t help but to feel lucky that after two months of intense and beautiful travel experiences, i returned home to such love.



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