ten years on my own

now there’s an anniversary that makes me feel kind of old! nevermind that this june was ten years since i left highschool–today, july 5, is the ten-year mark of when i moved into my first apartment.

it was a one bedroom suite behind the tim horton’s in my hometown (read: at the very edge of the town!) and i paid $460 rent.   it had terrible brown carpets and a balcony that looked out onto a forest.   the first night i was there, i cried.  it felt so good to be on my own, but it was also sad that i’d left my family home.  it was a line i could not cross.

that first summer was so lovely!  i was seventeen and so excited to be on my own.  i could cook grilled cheese sandwiches, at mightnight, in my underwear! i could dance around to loud music while ironing!  LIFE WAS GOOD

since then, i have lived in edmonton, calgary, vancouver, and san diego.  but now i’m back in van with my funny orange cats and the same couch from my first apartment and a massive tea collection and my balcony looks at a giant maple tree and i can still make grilled “cheese” in my underwear at midnight.  if i want.


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